Sehkmet by Sue Ellen Brown


Not available for purchase: this necklace is a stolen item. 

It fell victim to the Great Homewood Jewelry Heist of 8-10-18. 
It is listed here for reference and Insurance purposes only.
Named after the lion-headed Egyptian goddess of fire who was the guardian of the Pharaoh, this 24" long complex necklace of Jet Black Agate and Blood Red Jasper commands attention.

It has three-strands merging into a single strand, and features 3 focal drops of double-sided top drilled rectangles of Red Jasper: 2 of 35x15mm, 1 of 50x20mm. 

Gold plated brass cube beads and corrugated saucers accent round Red Jasper beads and Black Agate beads carved in shapes of puffed rectangles and diamonds.