About the Dragonz

 "Dracoserific" - a font full of dragons, is inspired by illuminated manuscripts of the 13th and 14th Centuries. I loved those intricate, ornate letters - they just didn't have enough dragons in them. It's time that lack was addressed, because everyone needs their own personalized Dragon.


See the full parade of Dragons here. 


The preliminary sketches are posted so far. As each Dracoserific letter is completed, it will be included beside the sketch.  Prints will be made availabe as soon as the individual paintings are finished. 

If you need a particular letter ASAP, please contact me . (This is one reason that there are gaps in the finished letters.) I don't mind breaking the sequence.


Prints of single letters

6"x 6" Prints of single letters on archival stock are $35.
8"x 8" Prints of single letters on archival stock are $50.


Prints of Combinations of Letters are available for a base price of $50 +  $25 per  additional  letter.


     2    Letters       50+25= $75

     3    Letters       50+25+25=$100

     4    Letters       50+25+25+25= $125

     5     Letters       50+(4x25)= $150 


and so on . . .


Original Art, approximately 8"by 8" of single letters is $750 each, with additional letters  (in Monogram style or words) added for $150 each.

Commission requests for Dracoserific monograms are welcome anytime.

Please contact me for specific pricing and scheduling.

Also, please see my note about Ordering - on Shipping and Handling, I charge per Shipment, not per item. I refund the over charge. Sorry for that inconvenience.