About the Dragonz

 "Dracoserific" - a font full of dragons, is inspired by illuminated manuscripts of the 13th and 14th Centuries. I still love those intricate, ornate letters - they just don't have enough dragons in them. It's time that lack was addressed - because everyone needs their own Dragon.  

See the full parade of Dragons here. 


Custom Dragon Letter names and monograms in your choice of letters, colors of letters, and color of background: a base price of $35 for the first Dragon letter +  $5 per each additional Dragon letter.


     2    Letters       35 +5 = $40

     3    Letters       35 + 5 +5 =$45

     4    Letters       35 + 5+ 5 +5 = $50

     5    Letters       35 + 5 +5 + 5 + 5 = $55 

     … and so on…


Art print sizes vary according to the number of Dragon letters, 2 -3 letters are usually 8x10, 4-5 letters are usually 8x12, and more letters are approximately 8 x16 or longer.  Some Dragon letters, like M or W, take more elbow room.

If you want a specific size please contact me.


On purchase, I will design your art print and email a lo-res image. On your approval, it will be printed at a professional lab on archival art paper, and then shipped to you.  


Commission requests for Dracoserific monograms are welcome anytime.  

Please contact me for specific pricing and scheduling.


Prints of single letters

5"x7" Prints of single letters on smooth card stock $8.

4"x4" Prints of single letters on archival stock are $15.

6"x 6" Prints of single letters on archival stock are $35.
8"x 8" Prints of single letters on archival stock are $50.


Original Art, approximately 8"by 8" of single letters is $1250 each.