Dragon baby pricing

 Individual 5x7" lithographic prints of single letters are $8.00 each


Custom Names and other things:

A base price of $25 for the first Dragon Baby letter + $5. per each additional Dragon Baby letter.


8x10                 1 baby on one print             $25.               Base price for set up

                           2 babies on one print         $30.                25+5


8x12                3 babies on one print          $35.                 25+5+5

                          4 babies on one print          $40.                25+5+5+5


8x16                 5 babies  on one print         $45.                 25+5+5+5+5

                           6 babies  on one print         $50.                25+5+5+5+5+5


8x16 +              7 babies on one print         $55.                 25+5+5+5+5+5+5

                            8 babies on one print        $60.                 25+5+5+5+5+5+5+5         


Length of prints vary acording to the name. Longer names require longer and larger size formats, and due to the fact that some letters, like M or W, take more elbow room. 

On purchase, I will design your art print and email a lo-res image. On your approval, it will be printed at a professional lab on archival art paper, and then shipped to you.  


Contact the studio  with the letter(s) or name(s) with the color(s) you want. 

Check out the Dragon Baby ABC video for ideas.